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We provide a wide range of skilled services to enhance safety and independence for an individual with a disability within the home that goes beyond ADA standards to clients and their families

Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy Initial Assessment 

    • Semi structured interview to get to know you​ and your family

    • Analysis of functional abilities and how they are impacted within the home environment

      • We formally assess balance, strength, range of motion, coordination, cardiovascular endurance,  neurological deficits, pain, cognitive abilities including safety awareness, attention, problem solving,  vision, communication, and many other functions

  • ADL's: (Activities of Daily Living): Bathing, Toileting, Dressing, Hygiene/Grooming and Self Feeding

  • IADL's: (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living): Home management tasks (laundry, meal prep/cooking, managing bills and medications, grocery shopping, community reintegration

    • Educate and train individual's on using adaptive equipment in order to independently complete self care tasks ​

  • Functional Transfers and Mobility: An individuals ability to stand and move safely from one surface to another (wheelchair to toilet or shower) and their ability to ambulate within the environment with or without an assistive device (cane or walker) 

  • Pediatric Services: Design and create playful and age appropriate and ability focused environments that enhance your child's development in all areas of life 

  • Occupational Therapy Skilled Interventions

    • Following the completion of home modifications, we offer skilled interventions for the individual or caregivers on how to complete the functional task safely within the home​ 

Home Modification Accessibility Consultants

  • Evaluate the Home Environment

    • Complete a detailed client-centered home evaluation (interior and exterior) 

      • Address all areas of the home while focusing on concerns for the client and family​

      • Commons rooms to assess and remodel are: Entrances to the home, bathrooms, kitchens, living room, bedrooms, backyards

      • Universal Design Strategist: Universal Design refers to places and objects that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and ages

  • Design solutions and create an individualized portfolio recommending modifications

    • These recommendations are unique to the individual and will ensure the highest level of functional participation and safety within the home

      • Recommend & assist with ordering DME (Durable Medical Equipment) ie; Rolling walkers, Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds, Commodes, Stair Lifts, etc
      • We provide several options of blueprint layout of rooms and or/home and also options for different appliances, equipment, structural designs, etc for you to decide which option best fits your needs and preferences
  • Collaborate with other professionals needed to successful design and implement the project
    • You can choose to use professionals (contractors, interior designers, plumbers, electricians, etc) of your choice or use the ones within our professional network​
  • Schedule a Follow Up Visit​
    • Once the project is successful complete, we will provide a follow up to assess the ​safety of the modification and provide instructions and optional OT services for safe and proper use of equipment and functional & mobility within the home

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