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Frequently Asked Questions

How am I going to be able to pay for my home modifications? 

If you have concerns regarding the affordability of home modifications, you will be relieved to know that there are many ways to receive financial assistance to cover part or even all of your expenses. There are many organizations at national and state levels dedicated to providing financial support to citizens living with disabilities

What if I do not feel comfortable completing tasks or caring for my loved one following the modification?

Once the project is completed and all installations are finalized, if there's any concern or fear to use DME or modifications, you can receive Occupational Therapy in the comfort of your own home by Laura or Ashley who are the two certified Occupational Therapists. A separate charge will be depending on the level and frequency of services that needs to be provided to make the client as safe and independent as possible.  

Can I use my own contractor to complete the building and renovations?

You do have the opportunity to use your own contractor for the home modification , or you can use a contractor that we work and partner with who have experience in building "accessible homes" according to our designs.  If you choose to use your preferred contractor, you can provide them our designs to construct, however if we are needed to consult on the project, we will be charging a separate consulting fee.  As home modification consultants, it is our responsibility each project is completed to match the individuals abilities in order for them to reach their highest level of independence. We will be collaborating  with the contractor and all other professionals involved throughout the building process until the project is complete.

What are the benefits of having home modifications?

Besides increasing an individuals ability to safely and efficiently participate in tasks within the home, there are many other benefits of having home modifications completed at any stage of your life. Depending on when you decide to have our service initiated,  home modifications can always serve for the changing needs of an individual living with any sort of disability throughout the lifespan from birth to the "golden years". Home modifications can also be qualified for tax deductions  under medical expenses for federal income taxes and can also significantly increase the value of your home all depending on the cost and aesthetics of the modification.

What is the difference between Universal Design and an Accessible Home

Accessible Design: Refers to accommodations to the environment for people in wheelchairs or who use walkers

Universal Design: Refers to places and objects that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities

  • Seven principles of Universal Design

    • Equitable Use: Useful to people with diverse disabilities

    • Flexibility in Use: Accommodates a wide range of preferences

    • Simple and Intuitive Use: Easy to understand

    • Perceptible Information: Essential information, effectively communicated

    • Tolerance for Error: Minimizes hazards and the chance for use error

    • Low physical effort: Usable with a minimum of fatigue

    • Size and space for approach and use: Appropriate regardless of users size, posture or mobility

Can this service help me remain in my own home (Age in Place)? 

The answer is simply yes. Home modifications can not only improve the safety of our client but improve their overall quality of life and the ability to stay at home for the rest of their lives no matter their age, diagnosis or disability.  IF you choose not to forgo with home modifications during your "golden years", and unexpected health emergency can lead to high stress, high medical bills and put you at risk for staying in a facility long term.

What if I don't want my house to look like a hospital or nursing home?

During our initial assessment, we will learn what your interior design style is and we can taylor all our designs toward your style and preferences. What makes us unique, is our eye for what is not only functional and accessible but aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  

Do you work on projects for children?

Yes.  We offer our services for people of all ages and abilities.  

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