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As Occupational Therapists and Home Modification Consultants, we promote independence and safety in you or your loved ones home and fulfill each individual's changing functional needs throughout the lifespan 

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Are you or a loved one facing any of the following conditions? 

  • A new diagnosis or currently living with a progressive chronic condition

  • A recent discharge from a rehabilitation facility or hospital

  • A child with a disability

  • An unexpected life change causing a disability

  • A cluttered home 

  • Decline in function for aging adults



Are you or a loved one facing any of the following barriers? 

  • Enter your home safely through any of the entrances?

  • Safely participate in ADLs or IADLs? (see services page to find out what this means!) 

  • Unable to maneuver your wheelchair and/or walker in your home? 

  • Not enough adequate lighting in your home?

  • Consistent falls and can't figure out why?

  • Concerns with your child meeting developmental milestones impacted by the environment



  • Occupational Therapy Initial Assessment : Assess the individuals mental and physical skills

  • Occupational Therapy Skilled Interventions​: Individualized home and client mental and physical assessments and how they are impacted by the environment

  • Provide recommendations for adapting the home for individuals of all ages to live in their home barrier free

  • Recommend and assist with ordering Durable Medical Equipment (Walkers, Commodes, Wheelchairs, etc) 

  • Fall prevention recommendation/training

  • Private Occupational Therapy services in the comfort of your home for adults and pediatrics and for caregiver training 



  • Call to schedule a phone consultation

  • Schedule a home safety and client evaluation

  • Home owners and family/caregivers set their goals and discuss concerns

  • We design, plan, and communicate our recommendations to the team and guide the process from start to finish

  • We provide referrals of contractors in our network or you can choose to use a contractor of your choice to implement the small projects to large renovations

  • Have a final meeting to assess the job and functional abilities with the home modification and complete any training for the individual or with caregivers if necessary


  • Provide safe and barrier free homes for a lifetime

  • Live in the comfort of your own home safely while "aging in place" and/or raising your child with a disability

  • Increase your Independence autonomy despite your age or disability by reducing assist needed from caregivers

  • Increase your confidence and ability in completing self care tasks within the home

  • Reduce the risk of falls causing injury and/or trauma

  • Increase the market value of your home

  • Create aesthetically appealing rooms in your home to create comfortable and stylish spaces according to your preference


Laura • (203) 326-1000

Ashley • (914) 224-7591

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